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Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle “Strochitsy” in Ozertso Village

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Price: if requested
Start of tour: 9.00
Start of tour: if requested

Departure from Minsk.

Arrival to “Strochitsy”. In the open-air museum “Strochitsy” – you will see the different types of rural architecture and life of the Belarusian village of the late XVIII century: rich peasant hut, hut middle and poor peasants with the relevant objects of everyday life; mill, tavern, outbuildings, wooden church, which are samples of articles of straw and pottery, as well as exhibitions of Belarusian master craftsmen – some 40 historic buildings. Here you will learn the features of historical and ethnographic regions of the country: Lake District, Dnieper, Central Region.

On request, guests can be arranged animation program, during which sightseers can participate in songs, dances, play traditional games, measure their strength.

Here you will get acquainted with the features of the historical and ethnographic regions of the republic: Lakeland, Dnieper, Central region, East and West Polesie, Ponemanie, with the life of our ancestors, their customs and culture. These “villages” recreate the traditional life of peasants of the late 19th – early 20th century. The sectors include both residential buildings and utility buildings (threshing floor, barns, barns, mills), religious buildings (three churches and a chapel), public buildings (school, tavern, public barn). In addition to the stationary exposition, the museum holds temporary exhibitions, among which the “Strochycki Skarbets”, “Belarusian Folk Icon” and others are very popular.

Departure to Minsk.

The cost includes:

  • travel along the route in a comfortable bus;
  • guide services.

The cost doesn’t include:

  • tickets.


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